15 Soccer Kits for Non-Soccer Fans

I know on my blog I mostly talk about how different jerseys and combinations look on the field, but these 15 shirts are for people who maybe are not as interested in soccer as myself. These are jerseys that any average person could buy and look good in very easily. Something that can catch the eyes of people on the street or at a party. Whether you want to stand out, or just a good looking shirt, this list is for you.

1. Germany Kits (2010)

A traditonal white, black and gold ensemble, this Germany shirt looks sharp on anyone, the shirt provides a classy, yet simple look that can be easily complimented (and the white home shirt matches almost anything)The Away shirt is for those who want a slightly bolder, black and gold look, classy, and the red accents are a nice touch.

2. Real Madrid Home Shirt (any year)

This is the latest example of Real’s home shirt. Los Blancos as they are also called, have one of the most storied histories in soccer, they are one of the most popular clubs in the world. Sure, this is like wearing a yankees jersey almost, (although in actuality, a Manchester United shirt is wearing a Yankees shirt) but this is one of the classiest shirts in soccer, year after year. This year, the light blue accents make for a good look for Real to wear at home and for anyone to wear anywhere.

3. Russia Home Shirt (2010)

Russia is not the power in soccer that they are in Hockey, but this is one of the most beautiful soccer jerseys on the planet right now, however, this is a jersey that I can refer to as BOTP (Better Off The Pitch.) Russia wears matching shorts with this, but from experience, I can say it easily looks better with a pair of jeans or khaki shorts. The Cardinal and Gold make a great combination, and the heat pressed imprints inbetween the stripes look GREAT. Since this jersey is for 2009/10, many are on sale through most websites and soccer shops, so buy while you still can.

4. Arsenal Home Shirt (2010/11)

Arsenal’s new kits puts them back amongst the best dressed in England, at this time last year, the last thing I would reccommend is to run out and buy and Arsenal home shirt, but Nike redeemed themselves with this homage to the 1971 Double-Winning Squad. With the exception of 2008-10, an Arsenal home shirt is easily recognized, and this new simple design looks great on and off the playing field.

5. England Home Shirt (2009 – Present)

Umbro decided to stop dicking around with England kits in 2009, instead of giving them crazy and stylized uniforms, they provided them with the simplest they could. A white polo shirt with numbers, which this is at the most basic of definitions. However, for those of you looking for a cross between a soccer jersey and a traditional shirt, this is it. Unlike an Adidas or Nike shirt, the Tailored by Umbro collection uses a polyester that almost feels like cotton, and each shirt is sized not by S,M,L XL, but by chest size (36,38,40,…) ensuring that comfortable, tailored fit. Since England wore all white at the World Cup, this also qualifies as BOTP.

6. Barcelona Home Shirt (Any Year)

The use a basketball analogy, Barcelona is to the Celtics as Real Madrid is to the Lakers, one of the most storied rivalries of the sport (but people hate Barca less.) Barcelona has been wearing the traditional red and blue stripes for over one hundred years. The club is one of the most respected in soccer, so you will definitely get mad respect for rocking a Barcelona jersey.

7. Manchester City Shirts All – 3  (2010/11)

Anyone who has read the blog before has heard me drool about Manchester City’s three jerseys. The sky blue of the home, the navy with sky trim on the away, and the beautiful third shirt. Any of these look great on and off the field, and much like the England shirt previously mentioned, these are part of the ‘Tailored by Umbro’ collection, meaning they provide a more tailored fit than other shirts. But, buyer beware, many soccer fans hate City because they are attempting to buy a title by overpaying for average talent, so there is a possibility for a few dirty looks (especially from Manchester United fans, just think of it like the equivalent of wearing a New York Jets jersey)

8. Bayern Munich Shirts –  All 3 (2010/11)

Adidas also played favorites with the homegrown Champions League Runners Up in Munich this year. Bayern is celebrating their 110th anniversary, and the home kit is the official commereration of that. The vertical red and white stripes look great, and the T-Mobile Sponsorship is not intrusive, this kit is somewhat bold for a non-soccer fan, but looks great. However, the away and the 3rd are my favorites. Alternating white and dark gray stripes leave for a subtle, but solid look on the away, and the 3rd, you cannot go wrong with the black and diagonal gray stripes.

9. Inter Milan Home and Away (2010/11)

I love this year’s Inter Milan kits, The Nerrazurri strips look great both on and off the field. The home is traditional Inter black and blue, but uses Nike’s lightning design to mesh the pattern a bit, which leads to the almost blurred affect you see above, two colors that go well together, you’ll definitely never be looking bad. But, the away is a true fashion shirt, where else will you find a shirt with a fire breathing serpent running up your left torso? An homage to Inter’s logo, this away shirt looks good, but qualifies for BOTP. I have recieved countless compliments for my Diego Milito version of this shirt (mostly because of the snake.)

10. Puma African Kits (2010/12)

Feeling daring? want something a bit different to brighten up your closet? The Puma African Nations collection is just what the doctor ordered. As you can see, I’ve used two of their most festive examples, The Ivory Coast Away (Green/White) and the Angola home (Red/Black). By wearing any of these kits, you’ll definitely catch some wandering eyes due to the sheer uniqueness of the shirt you’re in, and there are about 20 different designs to choose from. (And if you look at the Angola home, you’ll see an animal screened on to the right shoulder, all shirts in that template have each different country’s team name in that style Angola = Impalas, Cameroon = Lions, etc)

11. Argentina Home (Any Year)

The Argentina home shirt is like a Cadillac Escalade, it never really can be unfashionable. The simple blue and white stripe design has been around for years, and in this 2010 version, Adidas finally removed the unnecessary black stripes. With such bright, inviting colors, anyone can easily stand out in the spring or summer in this excellent looking shirt.

12. Juventus Home (Any Year)

The Old Lady as they are also called, Juventus is the most successful club in Italian soccer historically. Their shirts are a simple black and white stripe and always have been since the early 20th century. Does this resemble a referee’s shirt? sure, but guess what? Outside of Italy, Nike does not hawk that many of these per year compared to Inter Milan or AC Milan, so if your looking for a shirt to stand out a bit, go buy an old lady.

13. Hamburg SV Away Shirt (Any Year)

Hamburg SV definitely are not one of the best clubs in Bundesliga, but are consistently Top 5-10 every year. Their away shirts are always fun thanks to the colors of the HSV logo. Last year, a half black half blue shirt looked awesome, and this year, they have toned it down a bit, but the vibrant blue is nicely complimented by the black collar/stripes and the white fly emirates sponsorship. I can safely say I have never encountered anyone wearing a Hamburg jersey, meaning this great looking shirt can also net you some compliments from soccer fans.

14. Celtic Home Shirt (Any Year)

Celtic is one of the most storied football clubs in Scotland, they have been in existence since 1888. Wearing this is like wearing Chicago Bears gear, they may not always be the best side, but the team is one of the most traditional and storied of their sport. Usually, they will come with a sponsorship across the front, but if one order’s online, you can get them without the sponsor like the one pictured.

15. Ajax Home (Any Year) And Ajax Away (2010)

Ajax is the most historically successful club in Dutch football. Most people do not follow eresdivise as much as the other league’s, so wearing an Ajax jersey will definitely get you noticed. The home is always the traditional red and white, a classic look, and this year’s away I especially like, a blue and yellow kit that is simple, but very cool looking (and Michigan colors!)

Well there you go, for all non-soccer fans, here are fifteen kits that look great on and off the soccer field that anyone could wear. Hope you all enjoy your potential future shirts! – J


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  1. What country or club does that red puma african kit belong to?

  2. That is Angola’s Home kit from the 2009 Africa Cup of Nations

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